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Stories of Inspiration


We've all had that one special horse, who changed the lives of not just our family, but many others. That was Stubby. Bred to be a world champion cutting horse, Stubby possessed not just cow sense, but people sense. He was babysitter, teacher, coach, and companion, for 27 years. Stubby helped countless visitors overcome their fear of horses. He was the "first ride" for more little kids than I can recall. His sweet nature made him a perfect pasture-mate for just about everyone. Arthritis finally slowed him down, and one cold, rainy night, he slipped and was unable to get up. Without rescue equipment and some extra, skilled muscle, I was powerless to help him. I spent the 2 worst hours of my life waiting for the vet. That night, HALTER was born.

This is Stubby's legacy.

Julie Atwood


Twenty years ago the horse whisperer himself called this guy a "Tasmanian devil." While he may have been spunky he was the most loyal friend a teen could ask for. He was the babysitter of the herd and taught me the definition of hard work, perseverance and patience. He led our family down paths we never dreamed of, sparked a passion in my parents for the equine community and who knows how many horses have been rescued because of that. We've been introduced to some pretty incredible people in the process.

Thank you for the journey Keoke.

John and Deb Fox


It is with great sadness we said good bye to Tiny our beautiful Moo Cow of 18 ½ years. Like all good heard animals knowing it was her time, she wandered off, and sadly fell into a ravine. With over a dozen firefighters and animal rescue people helping us throughout the night, we were able to get her to a safe place, but she was just too weak, so we did the hardest thing that all good parents do, and put her out of her suffering. Tiny was loved by sooo many people and it seemed fitting to have so many people around her, fighting for her life. We are very grateful for those that came to help.

Tiny, we miss you!

Suzanne & John Fouts

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