Make your emergency plan today.

HALTER was established to provide rural communities with information and resources for horse and livestock emergencies. In any situation: road accident, fire, flood, earthquake, landslide, or field, trained Animal Technical Rescue teams can save animal and human lives.

Through HALTER, you can:

  • help your area purchase rescue equipment for access by vets and trained responders
  • provide scholarships for Animal Technical Rescue Training
  • learn how to become an Animal Disaster volunteer
  • get information about emergency preparedness
  • get Emergency Kit checklists for barn, home, truck and trailer
  • support research and education for animals in disasters at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

HALTER receives FEMA 2016 ICP Award!

Awareness to Action

HALTER was presented with the Awareness to Action Award at the 2016 FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency Individual and Community Preparedness (ICP) Awards Ceremony at the White House in Washington DC on September 13th.

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Get Involved

How Can I Help?

Sign up and receive information about trainings and classes, learn about the latest innovations in Animal Technical Rescue, share your stories and get the latest updates on rural readiness in your community

Help lead rural residents to Safety and Readiness.

We need to work together — neighbors helping neighbors!


Donate to Fire Departments or Other ATR Organizations

Support Trainings and Equipment Funding for Animal Technical Rescue in your area. Donate directly to any of the Fire Protection or Animal Services agencies listed!

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Donate to UCD Animals in Disasters Fund

Donate to the UCD Animals in Disasters Fund, which supports research and education in the field of animal emergency response and preparedness.

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Ranch Readiness Day 2017
Participate or Sponsor

Ranch Readiness Day is the only preparedness fair in the Bay Area especially for rural residents, farmers and ranchers, equine facility managers, boarders and backyard animal owners.

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